जलस्वराज्य-२ कार्यक्रमाची सद्यस्थिती

Progress of Jalswarajya-II based to Disbursement Linked Indicators and Program Action Plan

DLI#1 Strengthened M&E system for the sector

Current Status:-

  • M&E System is Go-live in all 34 districts.
  • DLI#1 activity for 10 districts is completed.

DLI#2 Strengthened capacity of key sector institutions

Current Status:-

  • Training programs are going on as per CB calendar for 2019-2020.

DLI#3 No. of household connections to a commissioned water supply system

Current Status:-

  • Out of 63 schemes, 31 schmes are commissioned.

DLI#4 No. of households connected to a sustainable water supply system and receiving regular water service.

Current Status:-

  • 41753 household connections are completed.

DLI#5 Number of Community safe and secure water schemes.

Current Status:-

         Water Stressed and Water Quality schemes:-

  • 148 Water Stressed and Water Quality schemes are commissioned.

PAP# 1 Cross Cutting Actions

           Strengthened Complaint, Grievance redress systems and vigilance mechanisms within WSSD .

           Current Status :-

  • Sector specific grievance system is being developed under M&E System.
  • Vigilance Cell is formed vide GR. Dated- 18th March 2017 will be headed by ACS/PS, WSSD and monitored by WSSO.
  • Drop boxes are installed in peri urban GPs.
  • Call center for grievance management system is being started.

PAP#2 Cross Cutting Actions

Implement Annual Capacity Building Plans for Staff.

Current Status:-

  • As per Annual Capacity Building Plan for 2018-2019 implementation is in process.

PAP #3 Technical & Institutional Actions

Strengthen RWSS planning processes in Year 1 and review their effectiveness in Year 3 and Year 5.

Current Status :-

  • An expert team from MIT, Boston, with RSPMU & District team has developed a framework for improved district planning. The Planning process is being piloted in 2 districts viz Pune & Auranagabad. 
  • Capacity Building Workshops were conducted and required data has been collected.

PAP# 4 Technical & Institutional Actions

Establish and institutionalize a technical and administrative back-up support mechanism for GPs/VWSCs.

Current Status -----

  • Formulation of O&M policy for WSSD is under process.

PAP# 5 Technical & Institutional Actions

As part of the state’s M&E system, establish a system to monitor the “schedule performance” (extent of completion within time schedules) of completed rural water supply schemes.

Current Status :-

  • To monitor the “schedule performance” modules developed under M& E system.

PAP #6 Technical & Institutional Actions

Strengthen systems to better manage sanitation program in the state, particularly on maintaining Open Defecation Free status.

Current Status :-

  • Nearly 9396443 i.e. 84% of total IHHLs have been constructed till date.

PAP# 7 Policy Actions

Prepare and Adopt HR and O&M Policy.

Current Status :-

  • GoM is having overall HR policy for contractual and regular staff.

PAP #8 Fiduciary Actions

Compile state's rules and procedures on Procurement and make a Procurement Manual

Current Status :-

  • The procurement manual for goods, works and consultancy services will be issued soon.

PAP #9 Fiduciary Actions

Conduct annual Procurement Post review for the sector @15% of contracts

Current Status :-

  • ToR for apointment of consultnat for post procurement review is in process.

PAP #10 Fiduciary Actions

Establish double entry accounting system in MJP, and develop a Financial Management Manual for MJP

Current Status:-

  • Development of Financial Management Manual for MJP is complpeted.

PAP #11 Fiduciary Actions

Establish a system to report information on expenditure at GPs/ VWSCs; carry out district-level and GP-level audits as per a specific ToR

Current Status ----

  • WSSD has issued the amended G.R on 19th June 2017 to carry out district-level and GP level audits as per specific ToR. 

PAP #12 Environmental and Social Actions

Implement strengthened environmental and social rules and procedures for the Program

Current Status:-

  • WSSD had mobilized environment related staff at State and District level across all institutions. 
  • Mobilization & IEC activities are in process during implementation where the physical works started.
  • Revise Community Operational Manual to reflect the modification of implementation arrangements is Completed.  
  • Social Management Action plan is prepared of each component of GPs.
  • Social processes such as Mobilization, Information Education & Communication, and Capacity Building activities are in progress in selected GPs.
  • All DPR’s of JS-II schemes are verified as per Environmental checklist.
  • Committee members timely visits for ensuring progress of Physical work of schemes.
  • Preparation of DPR for Sullage Management is in progress.